See The Sea was founded in 1998 as a marine education and environmental awareness organization. Our mission is to actively take part in and help to promote the reversal of human-caused environmental damage and to help revive and preserve our ocean ecosystem. 

We achieve this through educating, inspiring and creating a personal connection to the oceans for both those already actively seeking information, as well as, and perhaps more importantly, the general public that is unaware of the significant environmental damage that is inflicted upon our oceans every day. We hope to make people think and act to reduce and reverse the negative human impact upon our seas. We believe that true change will occur with, not only an informed public, but also by encouraging the public to actively and continually inform businesses and policy makers of critical issues. Both encouraging the business world to act in a more environmentally responsible manner and pressing for more effective legislation will help to protect and preserve our global waters. Laws and enforcement are needed to prohibit those businesses and individuals who fail to act in an environmentally responsible manner.

This site is continually being updated to create a site that is truly unique. We have assembled a  wealth of valuable and current information that identifies problems facing our ocean environment and their causes. We also provide information and suggestions on what individuals and businesses can do to make a difference. We are now adding an activity area and are working with k - 12 schools to incorporate this information into the curriculum. 

The oceans need your assistance!